A Restructure: Edits, edits, edits..

We are actively working on dHaven as a whole. This webpage, our website has been seeing much more traffic in these past two months.

In the spirit of improvement, we will be making some changes to improve accessibility and boost awareness on our latest on-goings.

On this tab, “News”, we will make announcements on discount prices, specials, programs, etc.

You can still view our upcoming events by clicking on the specific month (ex: “July 2017 – Events”) under the “Events & Entertainment” tab.

A Home divided will not stand, but we have all your support. Thank you all for the unending support you’ve given our dHaven Home and on this page. Much love guys <3!

*P.S. – Under “Events and Entertainment”, there is a menu that allows you to view our events based on months.


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