Events & Entertainment


We offer all kinds of entertainment such as concert styled performances, live bands, variety shows, etc. We also offer many events geared toward dancing, karaoke, and fitness.

Weekly Events



FRIDAY (Weekly)

@ 8PM


Entrance Fee


dHaven – 718 440 3464

A comedy show meets karaoke with sing along hosts Geo, Toni, Rasmin, Geuel, and DJ Allan. Sing, Dance, and Laugh. Be a karaoke star, hop on stage, and express yourself.

~ Karajokenyc dHaven


Daytime Dance Social

SUNDAY (Weekly)

@ 1 PM – 6 PM


Entrance Fee

Food and Dancing


dHaven – 718 440 3464

Nori – 646 651 3983

Our Daytime Dance Social hosted by DJ Nori includes a series of dancing styles to enjoy from 1pm to 6pm. For some early afternoon dancing fun, come join us, stay dancing and stay active!

~  Our Afternoon Dance dHaven


SBK  Sunday Ballroom Karaoke

SUNDAY (Weekly)

@ 6 PM – 12 AM


Cover Charge


dHaven – 718 440 3464

Sunday Ballroom Karaoke or SBK, is our night time mixture of Ballroom Dance and Karaoke. Meet our versatile team of singers and dancers; Alma, Mai, Toni, Shannon, and DJ Dee. Belt out a tune and be the star of the night. Hit the floor and show me your moves.

~ SBK dHaven

Upcoming Events